My TFT only display one column

Hi there,

I am recently new on arduino but i have made some tests for arduino one and TFT shield LCD 2.4" Chip ILI9341. I have made some tests to draw buttons and control the screen so that the arduino execute some things when I press the buttons.

I am using Adafruit_GFX.h, Adafruit_TFTLCD.h, SD.h, SPI.h.

But I was trying to draw a bitmap on the screen from a few weeks ago and I am not able to do it. I have tried may examples (TFT LCD 2.4" Shield MicroSD Bitmaps example with Arduino UNO - YouTube is one of them) with bmpDraw, but the only thing I can draw is one column on my TFT, I can see this column is one of the image I try to upload to the screen, and I am trying to upload many images (bmp 24 bits principally and 240x320). If I connect to Serial monitor, it says it has been properly drawed, but it’s not true.

It’s very rare because all people said they make it work properly. I need some help, I have attached an image to show what is happening to me.

Can anyone tell me what can be my problem please? I would appreciate any help.


I can say I could fix the problem by using some changes mboroff wrote on I was using a bmpDraw function with pushColor method and I have changed to drawPixel and it worked.

Thanks for your contribution mboroff