My tip is made of...

I mean this to be light hearted.

I really do have a tip that is made of a sawn-off turnbuckle bolt from home depot. I worked my old one down to a nub, looked at my wallet, then at my toolbin.

Let me add that yes, a steel solder iron tip does work, albiet very slowly as iron is a poor conductor of heat-vs-copper or palladium. I have a solder iron in my wish list, as you can’t find the screw tips too often anymore. Please send me tips if you don’t use them or whole soldering irons. heh.

Instead of perfboards, I’ve been known to use cardstock from a cereal carton, the acetate film from a barbie doll box, and styrofoam dinner trays.

Love it!

I used old hinge-pins in my poker.

And made my first circuits dead-bug-style.