My topic is being Deleted with no further explaination. It's just a Newb Guide!

I used to have a massive Newb guide to Universal Remote on Arduino here:

Every time I post it, it gets deleted and there is not a single sign or email as to why.

Maybe I posted content that wasn't allowed, but I have no means of correcting the issue since nobody is communicating the cause to me.

Could someone, anyone, please help? If some of my content is against the rules somehow, I swear I'll correct it.

I feel it belongs under Home Automation, but for some reason the other half of my guide got moved to Exhibition. I'm very much a newb and I'm confused and a little frustrated right now.

From this: It looks like maybe the two guides were merged together but unfortunately the first part of the guide was added to the end of the "Additional" guide so they're out of order.

That is supremely cool of you to look at that for me. That really cleared things up. I think a moderator tacked my other guide on the end in an effort to consolidate the guide. I fixed the order.

I trust the guidance of the moderators here, but I'm still curious why they put me in the exhibition category. I like it as good as any other category, I guess, but it seems random.

Anyway, I guess they don't like you splitting guides into separate topics. That's understandable in my book, but I didn't think it would matter.

I hope it doesn't get deleted again somehow. Many Many Thanks

Anyway, I guess they don’t like you splitting guides into separate topics. That’s understandable in my book, but I didn’t think it would matter.

Rather than spread something over different Sections you could put in a short Post with a link to the main text.

If the merging has screwed up the order of your text you could, perhaps, create a new text and ask the moderator to delete the mixed up one if there have been no contributions by others.

Another option would be to ask the moderator to lock the “old” mixed up Thread after you put an explanation and a link to the new version at the top of the old one.

When I want to write a long tutorial I compose the text in my text editor. Then I create a new Thread with two or three almost empty Replies to reserve the necessary space. After that I can edit each of them at my leisure to get everything nicely organized.

However I suggest you contact the moderators first to avoid confusion. Send one them a PM or click “Report to Moderator”


Mea culpa,

I got reports about double posting with same/similar contents (sometimes dozens per day) so I merged the topics at least once and probably removed when they were reposted. The posts were too long for me to read in detail and check if all the links are identical, but the text indicated definitely the same subject in a very short time frame.

I moved the posts to gallery as that seemed to me the appropriate place at that moment. If you want the thread to be moved to another section, pm me and I will do just that.

When I move a topic, most of the time I put a redirection post in place for 1 day or 1 week, with merging this is not possible. As my time is limited (and the number of reports are not) I do not inform about these actions.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused,

I don’t think you need to apologize for doing your voluntary and unpaid job, which the lot of you moderators are doing great.
We’re all limited in the time we can visit forums like these, and moderators need to do their
shi*load of household chores in that time too.
There’s guides on how to post on these forums, but for some reason those guides are seldom read.
And neither are the posts in the “Website and Forum” and this “General” forum, where questions like these appear now and then.

Also a user can do a search, looking for his own posts.
If they aren’t removed you will find them, and that is very likely how the “removed” posts were found by another forum member.
This is how you find your own posts:
Click on your avatar next to any of your posts, so not the one on top of the forum (that can be done too but is a bit less convenient as you need to do some more clicking).
Now click on “Show posts”, and your spots posts will be listed.
This is the link (click !) to that list for user 426315; “IRBlaster2015”.

What to do?
Start a blog (I use "blogspot", there are many others) and link back to that.

What to do?
Start a blog (I use "blogspot", there are many others) and link back to that.

Or Github. Especially if you're going to have code examples.
Or Google Docs.
For "professional" publications, you might consider an account on something like ""

I have found this Forum perfectly adequate for “publishing” my little contributions to the Arduino system.

Github uses pale grey print that I can barely read.