My tron legacy costume

Hi guys here is my last project. I've built a tron legacy costume for a special event.

The suit is based on EL panels + my power unit with arduino micro. the batteries are Lithium ion and give more than 4 hours of continuous power. The suit is controlled by a switch in my hand and with the identity disc on my back.

the identity disc is based on an arduino micro + 3 axis accelerometer + sound module + vibrating motor. the batteries are lithium ion too and the battery life is near 3h in standby ("C ring" + outer ring powered in white) and 1h in continuous effect + sound. Disc animation FX is triggered by magnets on my suit or a switch. here are some pictures

the SMBS smart battery gauge |500x375

unlocking and reprogramming it with my specs xD |500x375

building the sequencer |500x375

the power unit of the suit with batteries, el inverter + sequencer |500x375

testing the magnets strenght of my suit to hold the disc in place: |500x375

the disc:


the battery level from the smart battery gauge |500x281


and the final result :)


a test video of the disc video 1

a test video in backstage video 2

and another but without sound unfortunately the microphone was disabled video 3 :)

That's pretty awesome! Not much more to say about it.