My ttp223 detects every touch from every material!

I have a ttp223 capacitive touch sensor. It has three pins, VCC GND and I/O. I left I/O open for test purposes. I connected the VCC to 5V and GND to ground. When I touch the sensor, its led indicator lights up, sensor works fine. I wanted to see if it works through wood because I want to make a touch sensitive wooden surface controlled by arduino. When I brought the wood closer, without even touching the corresponding area with my finger on the wood, sensor lights up.I tried touching the sensor with various materials including plastic and it still lights up. It detects every touch from every material. Obviously I dont want this. How can I solve this? Sensor behaves like this in every composition it is, whether its the only component in the circuit or not. I put the datasheet of the sensor below.

That is an interesting question but we need your help to answer it. You need to post a link to the technical information of each hardware item in your circuit. If you have a schematic of the sensor post that as well.

There are other Hardware in the circuit. I edited the post and adres the datasheet.

It would help if you posted the schematic, not a frizzy thing and the details of the sensor, not the chip you are using.

There is no schematic, just +5v, ground and the sensor.

That is the preliminary data sheet, not a schematic of your sensor nor did you post a link to the sensor. I think all you have to do is change Cs.

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