My Uno board does not work anymore

I'm not sure what has happened to my Uno board but it is no longer working anymore, and by that I mean that when I plug it into my MacBook via USB the ON light does not flash anymore. I was working on a project with it when I found that the board did not work anymore, so I decided to unplug the USB cable to the MacBook and unplug some of the wires. When I replugged them a moment later, they worked. But when I unplugged the board again to do some adjustments, the board did not work. PLS Help quick!

Can you load the blink sketch to the Arduino.

Try a different USB cable!

I can't...... the board will not turn on.

Did you try a new USB cable ?

It appears it’s time to send the Arduino to the trash.

Try a different cable and a different computer before you give up on the board.

Also, try it with nothing but the USB cable plugged into it.

So I figured out that if I plug in the power (5V) or ground into the the breadboard the board turns off. Do you have any solutions?

You are shorting the power pin on the Arduino. I do not know what solution you will need to prevent the board from turning of when the power pins get shorted.

Check that nothing on your breadboard is causing a potential short.

Could you pls mark some examples?

Show us a good image of how you are connecting it to a breadboard.

The Arduino is not designed to power a servo motor from the 5v pin on the Arduino.

Use 4 AA battery holder like this to power the servo motor.



You will need to connect the battery holder negative wire to the Arduino GND pin.

Make sure the negative lead of your capacitors go to the Arduino GND.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

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