My Uno doesn't register with a COM

So I was playing around with my Uno and was trying to learn how to create a macro keyboard. I wrote a small crude script and uploaded it to the machine. I then changed the driver of my Uno so my Windows computer would see it as a keyboard. And it worked, sort-of. I't typed 2,3,4,5 repeatedly without stop.

But my issue is now I cannot get my Uno to recognize as the Uno anymore. I plug it in and it thinks it is a keyboard. I bridged the pins to reset it and it shows it as ATmega16U2 but with no COM and no communication with the sketch software. I then tried to manually install the Arduino driver and but still can't sketch. It also reverts to the keyboard state when it loses power and types 2,3,4,5,2,3,4,5 continuously until you bridge GND and reset.

I've tried researching this for over an hour and can't find anything that has been able to fix this. I am a total noob with this and I am hoping that this is some stupid thing that I'm overlooking.

Please help and thank you.

You changed the driver? Or you changed the ATmega16u2 firmware? As far as I know, it would have to be the latter.

In that case, you need to put it into firmware upload mode (as you did), and then upload the original firmware (included in (install location)/hardware/arduino/avr/firmwares ) using FLIP or whatever tool you used to upload the keyboard firmware.