my uno is Ruined?

hi i supply board 14v via power jacket my board was been warm and is ruined the question is which thing has been cause to happen this?!! do the 14v or other thing?

What is a "power jacket"? Did you ensure the correct polarity?

We need more details.

the polarity is true
my question is can you feed board via power jacket(power socket) 14 v ?

The board product page says the recommended voltage range is 7 to 12 V, so 14 V is a little outside that, but shouldn't cause a problem. Have you measured the actual voltage on the jack? It is, I assume, DC.

yes i measured the voltage and i am sure the voltage is under 15v, i know recommended is 7-12 but like you said it must not be cause to damage board now the Atmel cpu of board is abnormally warm when connect via usb or power jacket and the reset light donot work

when upload the arduiono do i must disconnect all wires?!! or not need?

Not, you need not to disconnect all wires, but if you run in to the problems it would be better to disconnect all. If the ATmega is hot it is not good sign. It is probably damaged.

Hi, What OTHER devices are using 5V or 3.3V power from the Arduino?? THat is the main limitation on total power.

See: THIS and read about "Power Limitations"..

Hot 328 chip sounds damaged; maybe the onboard regulator chip failed and put higher voltage on it.