My Windows not work with arduino

At Uno board conect Windows 7 encountered problem :
Arduino might be malicios software (Code 52) and cant install board.Help pls.


m_veidemanis’s picture (which is completely unrelated to the topic):

Did you get the software from the official download page?:

Not sure what the picture has to do with your issue ?

Anyway down to your real issue.

If you downloaded the IDE from this site it should not be an issue with your antivirus / antimalware.

You should tell us which software is giving you that error but I suspect its a driver problem.

Are you using a REAL arduino or a clone ?
If it is a clone you may need a driver CH340/341 or CP2102

There are some sites out there that offer drivers but may offer nefarious things instead always make sure you get the OFFICIAL drivers for hardware.

Yes, downloaded from original site, no error messages received in process. It works on wife's Mac (but I need it on my PC).

CLONE or REAL Arduino ? PS. we dont care which it is as we dont judge LOL

Sorry, uploaded the wrong picture. The right one included now.


Ok I see what you have there now.


Two choices to get past that.

  1. Turn off “Driver enforcement” (you can google that easy enough)

  2. Try running the driver install as Administrator. (Google “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”)

One of those options should get you past the issue but if you use option one remember to turn driver enforcement back on afterwards.

If sounds like your install of windows was done nicely and with security in mind.

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So the problem is the driver signature. That seems strange because I’d expect the official Arduino Uno driver to be signed and not cause this problem.

Hi Per.

Some windows installations can still cause that error. Not seen too often with a "stock" windows install but if it was done properly (by my standards LOL) for a relatively new computer user I tend to save myself call outs by adding a few extra tweaks.

Some OEM's, colleges, companies also lock things down a little too.

Tnx ballscrewbob.Solved.Working fine.

Nice to get an easy one before the caffeine kicks in. Thanks.