Myanmar (Burma)


Anybody from Myanmar? Please contact me so that we can share the knowledge.

Hi I'm Myanmar. I want to know more about Arduino. Anyway Nice to meet you.

hi, i am myanmar too but not in myanmar, but we can still discuss things and i am totally new to this thing =D

Hi I am also from Myanmar....just a newbie...I m an engineering student. wanna learn a lot from you all.. :D

Hi all Nice to know you all. I am also learning. But Arduino is easy to learn and understand. On top of this, it has very big community supporting and sharing their knowledge. I live in Singapore now and planning to back to Myanmar soon. If I have time, maybe form a Arduino group there and share a knowledge and experience. Keep in touch and inform you all again. Presently I am working on a project called home automation.

Hi all

I am also Myanmar, work in Singapore. Now I just start studying about Arduino programming. Where can i learn your sharing in this forum? Anyway Thanks.

Hi, I am Myanmar too. I founded Green Hackers group and Online Training about Arduino and other programming and PLC. please join us at

Hello, I'm myanmar too. I live in yangon. Any one there?. I just wanna meet together.

I am also in Myanmar (Yangon) and trying to get an active group going. Who would be interested? I have facilities to hold training and also a considerable stock of sensors, actuators and components. I'd he happy to sponsor an initial meeting. Unfortunately, I do not speak Myanmar (Burmese) but I think that Arduino is an international language!