myGLCD.setBackColor( ?,?,?) to Transparent ?


I want to display Text over an image (.RAW) displayed on a TFT (480x272). However, the setBackColor(0,0,0) command wipes out a block (16x16 pixels in my case) of the image when printing a character to the TFT.

So when printing a full screen of characters/text the image is effectively wiped out on the TFT.

My searches show that one can read the background colour and then set it for each character write, but this must be a single colour not an image. (so not tried as yet).

Before I give up on this idea has anyone managed to display text on a background image? in effect is there a myGLCD.setBackColor( ?,?,?) command to transparent?


Yes you can, I answered you in your other thread.



Hi Graham,

Yet again - Thank you x 2 !!!!

Hope you noticed I have a Cold Tears TFT as you recommended.

From previous thread >>>>

Thanks switched from 'myFiles.pan' to

myFiles.load(0, 0, 480, 272, "myfilename.RAW", 2, 0);

I am sure .load is faster than .pan but did not time the difference, I am allowing up to 30 secs to read about 300 characters on screen and was going to look into page switching sometime soon. I started using .pan from your '4040' example as my TFT was 480x272 and so needed the larger bitmap. Then left it because it worked.

On the transparency issue, that 'VGA_TRANSPARENT' note was well hidden in plain sight , :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: or is it >:( >:( >:(


is what I needed !!!! Currently eating humble pie !!

Now have text from SD card transparently printing on .RAW image from SD card !!!!!!


Hi cblx5,

Are you happy with your CTE display? I love mine. When you get a little more adventurous, you will notice UTFT_SdRaw has a function loadcpld(int x, int y, int sx, int sy, char *filename, int writepage = 0, int bufmult = 1, bool iswap = 0); which is designed to draw images to a page not currently being displayed. So that you load your images on pages 1-7, while displaying page 0, then you can flip between the pages instantly :D.



Hi Graham,

As my Sainsmart 4.3 inch arrived damaged ( waiting for replacement) I cannot compare the CTE as yet, but it worked instantly as you suggested, and have had no regrets.

I am impressed by the CTE shield which has a quality look compared to the others I have? Will report as soon as I get the Sainsmart. I did not have the heart to ask for a refund as I had no working TFT at the time.

Thanks for the page display function - will be looking at that soon. The page display TFT version was £2 more than standard TFT so went for it at time of buying.