Myoware muscle sensor and isolation amplifier circuit

Hello, I had purchased the Myoware and am trying to follow the schematic in the Myoware booklet, specifically diagram c: grid powered with power and output isolation.

I had bought both the ISO124 ( and ROE0505s (

I'm a bit confused looking at your diagram on which of the 8 pins on the ISO124 you need to connect to.

My assumptions are for ISO124:
Myoware OUT --> ISO124 Vout
Myoware GND --> ISO124 GND1 or 2
ISO124 VIN --> MCU 5v OUT
ISO124 GND 1 or 2 --> MCU GND
ISO124 signal(?) not sure which wire ---> MCU Analog input

I assume for ROE0505, MCU power out goes into ROE0505 IN, then ROE0505 OUT goes to Myoware .

Hi Danieljay, did you happen to fix this issue yet? I'm stuggeling with the same issue! Thanks