MySensors Arduino Library - Create wireless sensors


We have now released an Arduino library for creating your own self-healing sensor network using Arduinos and the NRF24l01+ transceiver.


Build instructions

The project is open for feedback and code contribution.

Thanks for sharing, there seems to be a lot of work going into that. But I don't know what to think of it. You grabbed libraries from all over the internet, but are you sure they are all good ? Do you have an automated update system for the libraries, in case a bug is solved in the original library ? I also can read in some libraries that portions are copyrighted.

It is not very clear what can be done, that is only getting clear when strolling through the site. Can you make a youtube movie of less than 5 minutes that tells everything ?

Thanks for the feedback @Caltoa.

Yes, we should probably have a small guide on Github as well. You will find the MySensors library under /libraries/MySensors

The other sensor-libraries is just bundled for convenience. There are a lot of unexperienced Arduino users that wanted to get started building their own sensors and we have tried to lower the barrier a bit by providing working examples. Right now we do not automatically update any libraries (we need to verify examples first). And we have actually had to patch the RF24 library a bit to improve communication.

YouTube video is a good idea. I only wish I were good at video editing... ;)