Mysql database - Arduino Yun


I have my arduino yun connected to the Ethernet port wired.

I have a MySQL database local on the arduino yun.

Via ssh I can connect to my database.

Now I want to use on a laptop MySQL workbench (or if someone know a better software to manage the DB) but I can connect to the database.

What could be the problem?



I use HeidiSQL to manage my Yun's MySQL database, but I'm sure MySQL workbench will work as well.

I'm guessing the issue is that you are trying to connect to the Yun's MySQL via the TCP/IP protocol, but the MySQL server isn't set up to listen for external connections.
The SSH access registers as an internal connection, which it is already listening for.

So there are two ways you can fix this:
1: Connect using SSH instead of TCP/IP.
--I don't have MySQL workbench installed, but looking at a tutorial page, I think it is probably pretty similar. MySQL :: MySQL Workbench Manual :: 5.3.3 Standard TCP/IP over SSH Connection Method
--Make a new connection and change the type to "TCP/IP over SSH" instead of "TCP/IP"
--Fill in all of the information for both your SSH login and your MySQL login.
--You won't have to make any configuration changes to MySQL to make this work, but the SSH access is slower, which might matter if you are going to do a lot of work through the workbench.

2: Make the MySQL server on the Yun listen for external connections.
--Find the mysql configuration file. I think it is located in here: /etc/my.conf
--edit it and find the entry for "bind-address"
--change the default value, which might be localhost or to

bind-address		=

--The server will now accept connections from any external or internal IP address
--You should now be able to connect via TCP/IP.
--As an added complication, it is quite possible that your MySQL user accounts are also set up to only accept logins from a particular IP/Host. If you go from getting a server error to getting a user/password error, this is probably the case and you will have to (via SSH) either add a new admin user with a wildcard % for the Host or change the existing admin user's Host column.

--Edit: Make sure that you reboot the MySQL server if you make any configuration changes. You can either restart it from the command line or just reboot the whole Yun.