MySQL database with Arduino

I am trying to reference a MySQL database with Arduino. The Arduino will compare the rows from the database by its descriptions in the columns. Does anyone know how to connect the MySQL with Arduino directly and parse the data from the database in Arduino? For example, if the first column included animals and the second column included animal sounds, can Arduino find the data from a specific row and column in the database?

Thanks in advance!

The short answer to your questions are Yes.....

Without providing more information about what you have done, what is working/not working, you will at best only get some general tips.

Bascially you will need an Arduino with networking capabilities. An entry level model with a network shield could be sufficient. But with limited amount of memory it would only be appropriate for working with "smaller" data objects.

Install a suitable library, for example "MySQL Connector Arduino - by Dr. Charles Bell" and check out the examples in the IDE.

In principle, there is no difference in accessing a SQL-server from Arduino vs from a PC.
You have to build a query, pass it to the server and parse the data returned.

Thank you so much for the reply. I will look into the library MySQL Connector Arduino and try it from there. It is my first time using the MySQL with Arduino...

Thank you!

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