mysql to arduino

how can i store mysql data into arduino board without connecting to servo ofother device??
please do help me

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Do you mean that you want to retrieve data from a MySQL server using an arduino and process/store that data ?
Are you using an Ethernet or wifi shield on the arduino ?
Is the MySQL server in you local network ?

i mean i want to make small project that will check some attendance of people so i ll be using RFID to scan and store data in MYSQL but i don't know how can i keep on update of data in MYSQL servo without connecting it to the other device instead i want to connect or update my data directly through arduino..
Is it possible?????

yeah correctly what u said and i also think of connecting it through WIFI shield to my project.
if i do so can i update everything directly through my Arduino project????

Yes. It is possible for an Arduino to accept information from a directly connected RFID device and to post that information to a remote , internet connected MySql server via a Wifi connection.
You will need some html / php / C++ coding skills, some MySql skills and some Arduino knowhow.
Start simple with an Arduino and an RFID system and build from there. If you haven't already got a mySql server, look for a provider that can give you access to an online service which includes mySql, PHP, and a web server like apache.