if i want connecting at mysql server with arduino shield, anyone never make it?

i can download the connector library inside arduino?

mysql accept TCP connection. So you can connect, login, and send/receive SQL statement.

is just a little pain with permission, as telnet a DB without SSH is a big security hole

i can download the connector library inside arduino?

No. But you can have the Arduino talk to the serial port, and have a PHP script read from the serial port (assuming you are NOT using windows), and have PHP interface with MySQL. If you are using windows, you can run a C++/C# application that reads from the serial port and talks to MySQL.

Lesto ma sei italiano ?
lesto you thinking, i send data trougth telnet from arduino in my db?
i can ?

si, sono italiano. :slight_smile:
I'm pretty sure you can (look at links i've give you), but the only way to know is try.. install mysql and set it to accept remote connection, then try with telnet.

I do this all the time. Write a php page on your server that handles the sql connection. Have your arduino get the php page. It's simple.

The solution using the PHP script are probably easier and safer (in terms of db security), if you set in the PHP script a password (maybe dynamic, a PHP page give a seed, and arduino use this seed to create a one-time password) and an ip "firewall"