Mystery component

This isn't critical, just thought I'd get some opinions. I bought some buck converters from eBay a few weeks ago (or I thought I did), and what showed up seems to be some kind of LED boards and adapters. It's not worth my time or the few dollars that I spent to try to get the right thing, but I'm curious if anyone know what these are? They are two small boards, maybe 0.75" x 1.5", with peel away sticky on the back. It looks like they have a series of LEDs on the front, and the rest of the pile looks like adapters to go into various small light sockets or fuse holders of some kind. I tried them with 3.3V, 5V, and 12V to no avail and I'm hesitant to try them with 120V in case they are something else. See the attached picture, there are two identical sets. Whatever they are I'm sure I can use them for something if I can figure out what they are and how to get them to work. Thanks for any input!


Sorry, tried to upload it from my phone, didn’t work. Had to find a computer.

Led conversion kit for RVs

Yup. That sure looks like it. Now I have to find an RV to convert to LED. Thanks!

There is one next door for $49,000.