Mystery LCD

Looking to get started with my first LCD. Poking around in my junk boxes, I found this 2x16 LCD:

It's still connected to the board that used to use it. What are my chances of figuring out how to use this LCD module if I pull it off the main board? The LCD daughterboard has 16 pins connecting it to the main board. I guess what I would do is wire it up and try it with the various LCD libraries available?

If this is unlikely to work, what is a good LCD module to buy to get my feet wet? I'd hate to spend a lot of money on a difficult to use LCD and end up messing up it's controller.

Your virtually guaranteed this is an hd44780 based LCD. The playground has some details on LCD connections. Particularly, your display should work with the '4-bit mode' stuff.

The extraction is complete! Turns out it is an Occular 1622 LCD module with a Hitachi S6A0066 controller. I found the datasheet with pinouts here:

Look for the 1622 under 16x2.