Mystery LED Boards? Traffic Street Lights Led Panels from Adaptive Microsystems

Hello! I'm new to the forums! My name is FLannel, and I love Linux(running this on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as we speak)! I love open source, and I LOVE ARDUINO!!!

So here is what happened...

I had no clue what I just bought today.

So any suggestions on what to do with it, or how Arduino or any other microcontroller might be used for these products would be helpful. I'd love to bring it up to code ( safety ) to display these somewhere to friends and family.

Here is what they look like ...

Here are the results of the work/research I've done.

Since the shipping orders on these products comes from 2007 I used the to see if they're around. I think they look something like this...

As of this posting date, I have yet to find product information. Perhaps they were a special contract order for a county or state?

I hooked them up to my variable power supply and they seem to operate the best on 12v. With fluctuations that drive down required power to around 7v as LED lights demands for power fluctuate accordingly.

I will continue to look for information on these. Please any help you can provide would be great! I look forward to making contributions to the community in the future. Thank you!