N mosfet driving P mosfet

I read earlier that a bipolar transistor is used to drive a P channel mosfet but, can I use a N channel mosfet instead of the transistor? I mean use an Arduino Uno connected to a gate of the N channel mosfet and the drain of this mosfet connected to a gate of an P channel mosfet?


Similar to this:

Thank you for the answer. I tried this circuit using two output pins of the Arduino to drive two P channel mosfet but when I put HIGH output to one pin, the two P channel MOSFETs turn ON

I tried this circuit. When I put one pin of arduino HIGH both mosfets Q1 and Q2 turn ON

N - P channel Mosfets.pdf (13.7 KB)

If these are simple LEDs, do not put them in parallel, and each LED would need a series dropping resistor.

Place a 220R resistor in series with the output pin and the gate of the N channel MOSFET.

Gate to GND resistors should be ~10K.

Do you have a GND between the Arduino and the 12V power supply?

We need to see your sketch.

We need to see your actual circuit wiring.

This is my actual circuit:
I am using two SQJ504EP each one has one N channel mosfet and one P channel mosfet in one package and are connected in this way. The LED’s are units for commercial trucks and we use them for tail lights and turn signals, they have inside resistors and everything to connected to 12 v. I haven’t connected the arduino yet. When I put 5V in Pin 1 both SQJ504EP turn ON. I checked the voltage in Point B and has 1.5 V and that’s enough to activate the P channel mosfet of the Q2, it should be OFF. I don’t understand.

Mosfet to Mosfet.pdf (15.3 KB)

Or what is the best way to drive an P channel Power mosfet from Arduino?
Optocoupler with NPN transistor output or an bipolar transistor? Thanks

See cct. with Q7, center bottom.

Thanks again for your help. I saw in these schematics resistors of 1k ( I have 10k) in the gate of P channel mosfets. I changed these resistors and it worked better.