n00b, bitWrite, error

I am through the Vilros starter kit. Along the way I added an LED to the project with the temp sensor in it so the LED would light up while the temperature was above a set point I defined.

So I am not a total idiot, just mostly an idiot.

The one project that seemed interesting to me was the last one, #12, using a shift register IC. I got the thing all wired up, worked fine. It occurs to me, with two rows of four LEDs I could "easily" program this thing to light up in the same firing order as the V8 engine in my GTO, over and over, round and round.

Maybe add a potentiometer so I can control the RPMs shown by the LEDs without having to modify the code, maybe a piezo so the faster it's going the higher the tone.

My sketching is so bad the compiler can't even tell me where to start looking, just to get the first LED lit.

So first question, should I ditch the shift register IC and use the for() loops and arrays [] back in Vilros starter #4 to get my LED "spark plugs" firing off UNO output pins 2-9 inclusive?

Then come back to the SR IC after that?

FWIW I want to install my UNO in my passive solar firewood drying kilns so I can measure temperature and humidity at multiple points, record those to an SD card and use wifi and SMS to get really impressive readings to my phone. I think I have all the hardware for that, hardware I am good at; never was much of a sketch artist.


I'm guessing that you have some sort of book full of example projects or something? You basically have two choices. You can wait around until someone else who knows that book can help, but that might be a long wait. Most of the folks who really know what they're doing and could help you aren't reading beginner books. Or you could tell us about the circuits and code and forget what book it came out of and anyone can help. I'll leave it to you to decide which you'd rather do.

Please also note that it is really really hard to debug code that you can't see. So if you want help with your modified code then you might consider showing it to the people you are asking help from.