n00b question

Hi, Just recently purchased an "Eleven"/Uno-compatiable kit.

My question is: can some people recommend some simple basic projects (or sources of projects) to start with. A few things to build some familiarity with the unit and it's mindset.

I've done electronics at a hobby level (HAM + basic digital timers/sequencers, and not just kits) and programming professionally (trained in C, Java, Z80 microcode, javascript, and a few others).
so if anyone knows of an equivalent to a single transistor receiver, RS flipflop; temperature converter, prime calculator; for this kit, I'd appreciate the nudge forwards.


Start with flashing a LED. Then flash 2 LEDs.

Add a button.

Learn to read/write Serial.

Get a temperature sensor.

Along the way, you'll find something you like doing.

Look at the main site reference and look at the majority of the commands, that'll give you an idea the easiest possibilities

Browse the playground for projects others did: