N64 on Leonardo

Would it be possible to use a leonardo to connect an N64 controller to a pc for emulator gaming?
I have no experience with the leo.

So i'm just taking a guess, you want to use the leo because it makes usb super easy? If thats right, then you should know that if you are going to use the Leo, you could just as easily use the Duemilanove or the UNO. All of those arduino boards make serial very easy. If you are talking about the Atmega32U4, then thats totally different. That at least makes sense.

Yes, i believe it is possible. If you are going for taking the thing apart and modifying the insides and then putting it back together only with a different interface cable coming out the back. One thing that you'll have to realize is that the "analog stick" on the controller isn't analog. It uses optical sensors and does a digitalRead to find the position. So you'll have to use the same concept. Use digital pins for the stick and then connect some buttons to analog.

If you want to use the same connector that came with the controller you'll need to do some experimentation. The n64 controller sported a 3 pin connector.

You'll need to shoot out a resistor to step down the voltage for the 5v to 3.6v that the controller uses. The gnd is obvious. The DATA pin will be connected to the RX pin on your arduino (pin 0 for all I believe) and then use a basic serial program to read in values that are sent from the controller when each button or movement is made. Then you can deduce what you need to do in terms of if statements and such in your programming for that.

Unless there is some weird compatability thing or frequency issue that i'm not aware of, you should be able to do it just fine. Good idea! I may do that.

EDIT: What you can do is you can attach a 3.7v LiPo battary to that, it should work fine. My LiPos for 3.7v put out 4.0v so it should be enough and then connect the ground of the controller to the ground of the battery and then the only connection to your arduino will be your data pin. Just serial read that in!
Also you may want to take a look at this. http://www.larsivar.com/cp/comments.php?y=11&m=09&entry=entry110905-190247

EDIT EDIT: http://www.amazon.com/May-Flash-Controller-Adapter-Nintendo-64/dp/B002B9FIUU

Thanks, that is awesome. Glad I could help with some fun. Saw the amazon link, gonna ignore it because that method is no fun!
Yes the reason I was hoping to use the Leo was to make USB super easy. But this guy looks like it should be nice to modify and stick inside the board and just replace the old cable with a USB one, ala N64 USB gamepad. Last exam is tomorrow then the fun begins.

I hope the exam went well.

I will note that the holes for the connector straight from the controller aren't a nice breadboard dealio, in case you didn't already figure that out, I didn't.
So because of that you'll have to custom make it, find one online, or pull the socket from an old n64 that doesn't work. the last option shouldn't be too bad at all.

The exam was alright. My idea is to try and get all of this inside the controller and convert it to USB gamepad, (possibly looking at getting one of these inside the controller http://www.sparkfun.com/products/11098)

As awesome as sparkfun is, if you want to save just a few bucks. check out the Teensy Teensy USB Development Board

I've never tried it but I believe its extremely similar.

Thanks I will look into one of those.