name the part

Hi There,

This isn't technically a problem with the Arduino but more a request for help.

What is the name of the part that the proto shields slot into? I am building a small board at the moment and want to continue the neat idea of using 0.1 inch pin strip slotting into the thing called X.

I live in the UK and have tried looking for 0.1" female header at maplins, but with no success. What are they called and any ideas where I can get them?

Thanks for your help


It's a pin header socket.

These guys have a good deal on them if you can wait for a shipment from hong kong.

If you like, I would be happy to split the order with you and pay half the cost, PM me if you are interested.

Futurelec also have them at good prices in small quantities if you only need a few : see: 'Female Headers - Single Row'

Thanks for that mem. I have gone with ordering from futureelec but thanks for the offer of going halves on the posting.