Naming robots

I have built a lot of robots and have never thought of naming them. People recommend I should name them. Has anyone ever named one of their robots? Is making an acronym based on what the robot does a good type of name? Please share your thoughts.

I've got a robot that is under construction and already has a name. And yes, it is an acronym. I guess it really depends on the person. I've seen names that have no affiliation with a robot or even what it does.

The name I gave my bot is a name that I like and sounds pretty techy. But, I had to put the words to match the name for the acronym. Which I found difficult. That is why I am not posting the name, cause I am not sure if I will change it in the future.

We named our Arduino-powered submersible "FREUD". It stands for Field Remote Expeditionary Underwater Device. Bonus points to anyone that gets the reference.

Naming the bot is useful if you are working on many of them, or making it a group project. It just makes it easier to refer to it as a name, name project files/folders after it, and title papers after it.

I'm sorry Dave. I can't do that.

Micro controlled Autonomous Robot Vehicle with Inertial Navigation.

It's got a terrible pain in all the diodes down its left side.

And a Mega2560 for a brain, it thinks it's the size of a planet.

I think it's time for someone (me?) to make a script engine.

I've been told that "The Frankenbotic Thinganator" is wonderfully nondescript, and it's admittedly totally random.

So.. I'm POSITIVE that I am not the only person here with the PDP-BASIC source for "DOGGERAL" among other nonsense random poetry and headline engines..

How many fields? Two? Three? Eleventeen?

"Rectilinear Obfuscation Synthesizer, Revised (Alpha 6.0 Release Candidate)" "Zapmatic Mashotron"

Or, once the Robot Overlords arise, a simple "Yes, Master" will suffice I suppose.