NaN values in Egg Incubator

Hi guys!
I decided to make an egg incubator, and soon, I finished the build.
I was inspired by this project on Github. This guy made it work, screen, sensors, everything! I fired up my machine, the screen started and everything appeared to be working fine... I can see the temperature and humidity of the egg room, but when I try to select the temperature and humidity I want, errors start their appearance. I get NaN values, and I'm not allowed to select the values I want. The sensor works perfect, since as mentioned above I am able to see the temperature and humidity.

Some of the parts I used:
*DHT22 Temperature/Humidity Sensor
*Arduino UNO R3 (Clone)
*LCD - Keypad shield

The code I used, can be found here.
The schematic of the build can be found here.

Something that I found while investigating the code:

 if (key & (UP | DOWN | LEFT | RIGHT)) {
          Ts = max(20, min(50, Ts + (key & (UP | RIGHT) ? +1 : -1) * (key & (UP | DOWN) ? 0.1 : 1)));
          Ts_changed = 10;

Below, there are some pictures of the build and the LCD, displaying the errors:

The egg incubator, is divided in two boxes, where the one has the electronics stuff, and the bigger one, is the place where the eggs will be placed.

If you have any question, feel free to tell me in the comments!
I hope we can solve that freaking problem, go on and hatch some eggs! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why not post the code you are using in code tags so that 'we' may be able to figure out why you are getting the Not A Number error?

I put a link to the code and schematic at the beginning. However, here is the link to the code: egg-incubator/incubator.ino at master · quantenschaum/egg-incubator · GitHub

Post the code please, not a link.