Nano 3.0 driver stops working after disconnect and reconnect

Started tinkering with Arduino for the first time today. I got a few Nano 3.0s assembled, and in the win7 software (v1.5.7) I use:

Board: Duemilanove or diecimila
Processor: ATmega328

Everything worked well from the start, first part of the project went without a glitch. I then wanted to isolate part of the project for testing, so I assembled a second Nano 3.0 and hooked everything up. Again worked great. To continue I had some wiring to do, so I pulled out the USB, wired everything up, hooked it back on.

Here is where the problem starts. No driver found. Windows beeps three times in quick consession. No matter what driver I try from ftdi or the arduino installation it’s the same - it doesn’t except it.

Rebooted, same thing. So I thought I may have bricked it somehow, and decided to assemble a third one. Hooked it up, worked great. Disconnected for more wiring, and now this one won’t connect to Windows either.

So I tried the first one I had, and it also has this issue. Luckily this one is using a lcd display, so I can see that it functions the way it should, it just doesn’t connect with Windows.

I’ve searched high and low, but I’ve been unable to find any clues to why it would work at first and then stop working.

Anyone seen anything like it before?


Your nano has a clone FTDI chip. It works once and then Windows updates the driver. The new driver doesn't work with the clone on purpose, because it really isn't an FTDI chip, though I want to kill a few people at FTDI for not providing a sane error message ("This chip is a clone chip, get a real one"). Anyway, there is a way around it: