Nano 328 doesnt play multiplexing

I built a 5x5 matrix, multiplexed, using an UNO v.3.0 that runs with music sync from A0 or a timer running frames, and it works fine.
I bought several Nano 328 boards, tested them on various lighting rigs and sketches I have laying around, but they won’t run my matrix, at all.
I have tested my electronic connections and my sketches are all simple and work with my UNO and will load to my Nanos, but I get no voltage out of the digital pins, I’m getting lost here, Help?
Here’s the link to my project, as done by the originator, Lincomatic

Thanks in advance, this stuff is fantastic,
Bob aka Yusef Adama

Well a Nano and Uno uses the same basic 328P controller chip (although in a different package style), and therefore will run any code that runs on a Uno board. I would suspect you are not wiring it up correctly to your Nano boards as the physical pin numbers of the Nano are very different then the pin numbering used on a Uno board. Only by posting your sketch code and a schematic drawing of your Nano to matrix connections will any specific troubleshooting help be possible I'm afraid.

I found it. power issue, (this section intentionally left blank)to the reply I got, B