Nano 33 BLE IMU LSM9DS1 XYZ Directions

Hi, did anyone notice that LSM9DS1 does not follow the right-hand rule in XYZ directions? In the datasheet, its directions are as follows.
However, when I test it with the SimpleAccelerometer example and the gravity, the three directions are opposite, it is shown as

In this Z-direction, the acceleration is around 1g when the Nano 33 board is vertically put on the table.
Anyone can help to explain, or what is wrong with my operation? Many thanks.

The picture is not clear enough to tell where the Pin 1 dot is. If it is in the bottom-right corner you are getting the expected orientation.

Lots of people have, and the manufacturer included the diagram to make sure that people understand the coordinate system. It does not matter that the manufacturer's chosen axis labeling does not define a right handed system, as you are free to relabel an axis or invert the sign of the data in any way you like. The simplest fix is invert the sign of the data from any ONE of the three axes.

Gravity is measured as a positive acceleration along any axis that is pointing up, due to the upward force exerted by whatever is preventing the sensor from falling. That is consistent with the direction for all other positive accelerations.

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, the top-left corner is pin 1 in the top view. But it makes sense now. Only a negative sign should be added to the program to make it same to the data sheet.

Hello, thank you for your prompt response. It makes sense now.

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