Nano 33 BLE issue with BLERead callback


On my current project, I need to connect a BLERead eventType using setEventHandler function on a characteristic defined with Read capability.

I have a piece of my code here with the description of the issue : issue connecting callback with SetEventhandler for eventType BLERead · Issue #193 · arduino-libraries/ArduinoBLE · GitHub

Does anyone face the same issue or do I made something wrong? I set event with BLE Written and BLESubscribed and so on without issue but i do not manage to get a Serial.println("hello I am a callback") form the call back function.

I am performing test with the punch through android application.

Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you

I would avoid trying to do anything in the callback other than store the data in a volatile variable and perhaps set a 'received' flag. Then have your main loop process it.
The project has code for a BLE UART with a call back for Nano 33 BLE
Arduino NANO 33 Made Easy

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