Nano 33 BLE &SD Card Modul

Hi everyone!

Im thinking about buying the Nano 33 BLE but first i would like to know if its possible to expand his memory with a SD-Modul

Thank you

What is your intention?
The SD card is typically used for a file system by SPI interface.
But remember: The Nano 33 BLE is a microcontroller.

Thanks for your repply RudolfArRTC! Im a very begginer so i didnt have any idea about anything.
i bought a dev Board with a esp32 within and it has also SD card reader.
my project its about a datalogger. my microcontroller will be waiting data from a decoder and a MPU6050 and it will save it directly in the SD-Card, when wifi connection with the user- since the device will be moving in a race, the data in the sd will be send through wifi.

best regards

If you have really an ESP32 based card with SD slot, then use it! The Nano 33 BLE is a bit smaller, but less fast as a Nano.
Both can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. There is your next goal!