Nano 33 BLE sense availability?

Really not sure where to post this... suggestions welcome.

I see that the hardware forum for this board is active, but decided not to pollute that just yet (should I?). I last used these a year ago in a course I teach and they were widely available. Is this product actually still being made, or is the availability just non-existent due to supply chain issues?

I'm interested in all the sensors from a teaching standpoint, so the IoT is a poor substitute but at least seems available.

I see lead times on various sites, but I'm not sure whether to trust them at all.

I need to get maybe 25 of these by mid-Jan if possible – does anyone have suggestions?

I took a quick browse through the official global distributors list and it was looking a bit slim pickings, but I see Newark says they have 165 in stock:

You could check the other distributors for your locality here:

Woah @in0 thank you so much. I forgot about Newark, and wasn't aware of the Distributor's page – dunno how I missed that one.

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