Nano 33 BLE SENSE erroneous readings

Hey folks,

so just started playing with the Nano 33 BLE SENSE, and I am a bit confused on the Readings - so, I am just trying to monitor the barometric pressure, temperature and humidity - but the Readings I am getting are a bit odd -

I´ve set it up so that I should read barometric pressure in mbar, temperature in C and humidity is obviously in % - so, where I am at today, there is a massive rainfall,

Readings I get are

Pressure : 98.5 mbar (which can not be correct, I´d probably accept 985 mbar, but definately not 98.5)
Temperature : ~30C (which could make sense as the temperature of the board itself could impact)
Humidity : ~22% - which seems awfully low - I´d expect probably about 60-70% today

is there something wrong with the unit? especially the pressure Reading baffles me…

thanks for feedback!

I'd say if you are getting a true reading of 98.5 mbar it's probably time to head for the cellar.

Are you using the Arduino_LPS22HB library? I just tested my Nano 33 BLE sense with that library, and the pressure measurements match closely with what the local weather service shows in all three unit options.

Would you mind sharing your sketch so I can check it on my board?