Nano 33 BLE sense microphone

I am getting this error message on every sketch I have tried for the Nano 33 BLE sense microphone:
undefined reference to `arm_rms_q15

From other messages I have seen, I am one of many people who are having this problem. Nothing I have done seems to solve the problem. Re-installing the Arduino nRF528x mbed Core didn't help. Reinstalling the Arduino IDE didn't help. Every sketch using the Nano 33 BLE sense microphone, regardless of libraries used, seems to produce this same error! I tried using on Arduino Web Editor instead of the Arduino IDE and still got the same error. Something has been removed from the IDE or mbed core package that needs to be put back.

Does any one know if a fix is coming for this? Or does anyone have very specific instructions on what to add and / or how to fix this? I have seen all kinds of suggestions, but no where have I seen a solution that I have been able to implement. Thanks!

As you can get old releases of the IDE you could try some of these to see if I helps your problem.

I know it is not a good solution but it might be a solution.

The microphone on my 33 Nano BLE sense doesn't give me any problems.

Hi @dougdomke. Please post a simple sketch that we can use to reproduce this error.

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