Nano 33 BLE Supports Bluetooth Classic?

"Does my BLE device support ‘Classic Bluetooth’ besides BLE?"

Yes, the communications chipset on the Nano 33 BLE can be both a BLE and Bluetooth® client and host device. Something pretty unique in the world of microcontroller platforms.

It states that the above linked article was updated 4 months ago. I found several discussions dated earlier than this that claim it doesn't.

My question with respect to Arduino Help Center is... does "Yes" mean "Yes" or "No"?

Technically, you have all the capabilities of the nRF52840 microcontroller when using the Nano 33 BLE boards. I believe that this hardware does have both classic Bluetooth and BLE support.

However, most Arduino users want high level libraries to use in their sketches rather than needing to write low level "bare metal" code, hopefully with some friendly documentation to go with it. So even when the hardware has a capability, it might not really be accessible to the average Arduino user if someone hasn't made the effort on the software and documentation end of things. I believe that is the situation with Bluetooth on the Nano 33 BLE.

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The radio module on the Nano 33BLE is a Ublox Nina B306, and that is a BLE module.

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Thank you kindly, that all makes sense, but is it correct I wonder?

Thank you. Does that mean it's a 100% NO, i.e., the "Yes" answer via the Arduino Help Center is therefore blatantly incorrect?

I'm not trying to have a dig, but an admission to a possible error like this would help clear up any confusion without anyone having to look any deeper.

The answer of the Arduino Help Center seems to be correct in some way... My opinion, coming from the official page Arduino Nano 33 BLE — Arduino Online Shop

> "The main processor includes other amazing features like Bluetooth® pairing via NFC and ultra low power consumption modes"
> "NFC: There is the possibility of attaching an external NFC antenna between pins D7 and D8 to activate Bluetooth® pairing of the board over NFC".

That means: you can use the Bluetooth NFC or BLE but do not expect it to be "Classic Bluetooth".

This is why I´ve changed a Nano 33 IoT for an ESP32 in one of my projects by the way...

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Thank you. I appreciate your clarification. It's good to point out about those other aspects, but they're not Bluetooth Classic.

Therefore, if I was to say "Yes" = No in respect to my opening post... I would indeed be correct!

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You can probably add this to your "Not everything you read on the internet is correct" basket. You may want to contact the Help Center and ask for a correction.

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What surprises me is that it's an Arduino branded board; the question leaves no room for interpretation, i.e., it clearly states Classic Bluetooth; the exactly! incorrect answer provided resides in the Arduino Help Center.

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