Nano 33 BLE unresponsive

I have inherited a project from another designer and the Nano 33 BLE which I received isn't responsive. When I plug in the USB cable the Nano has power; I measure 3.3V on pin 2 and 4.5V on pin 15, and the RGB LED is on. However the ON LED is not on and the L LED is not on, I checked both of these LEDs by applying 3.3V to them and they both work. When I use the RST button nothing happens; the board doesn't power off and double-pressing doesn't put the board into bootloader mode. And most importantly my Win10 PC doesn't recognize the Nano, it doesn't show up in COM ports.

Any ideas? Is this Nano FUBAR?


Have you installed the files for the nano BLE

Google getting started with nano BLE

Thanks for the reply. I have everything setup appropriately, because I have a 2nd Nano 33 BLE that works fine. So it is something specific to the device in question and not my PC setup. The more I have been reading, I am picking up vibes that it could be something with the bootloader. I have a CMSIS-DAP device on order to see if I can flash the bootloader using that.

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