Nano 33 BLE + VEML6075 not working

Hello guys,

I have setup a VEML6075 together with nano 33 BLE using i2c
All is done according to this guide. ... duino-test

I also tested the device with I2C scanner sketch.

Mega + VEML = ok and working
Nano + VEML = not working
Nano + LTR390* = ok and working

*Another i2c breakout board from Adafruit.

Where is the issue coming from and what to do?

thx Alex

Try with external pullups to 3.3v on SDA and SCL . Anything from 2K-10K ohms. The pullups don't appear to be on the breakout board, and internal pullups are not enabled by Wire.h on the Nano 33 BLE.


thx for your hint - but it did not changed anything.

Regards Alex

How did you power the sensor module?

  • The Arduino Nano 33 BLE 5V pin is not active by default you would need to short the jumper at the bottom of the PCB
  • Did you use the 3.3V pin from the Arduino to power the sensor module?

The I2C on the Arduino Nano 33 BLE works with other sensors and Adafruit libraries e.g., BME280. They tend to have good libraries.

Hi Klaus,

I am aware of this fact with Nano33BLE.

a) I used the 3.3V
b) I used external 5V power supply

In both cases the same problem still existed. I think it is related to some "configuration" issues about SDA/SCL pins because there is no "i2c" communication going on at all (tested with oscilloscope). As a cross test I did the same test with LTR390 - and voila I got signals ...
hence there seems something broken in the code ... but hard to find where this might be.

Does embody has an idea?

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