Nano 33 BLE WatchDog doesn't work

Hi, Aruino Friends, from South Korea.

I'm testing Nano 33 BLE watch dog.

the watch dog of my coding doesn't work.

Could you tell me what problem it is?

I want to get this result.

Loop started !
Loop : 1
Loop : 2
Loop : 3
Loop : 4
Loop : 5
booting up
Setup started :
Loop started!

watchdog.ino (961 바이트)

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A better forum for a question like this is the Nordic Q&A website. I found it quite useful for some of my questions that surround the NRF52840 (the processor used on the Nano 33 BLE).

The forum is free and the staff is very responsive (during normal business hours in Denmark). You can make a free account to begin asking questions.

Here is a link to the Devzone Q&A if you're curious:

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