Nano 33 IoT Antenna Foot Unseated

Hello All,

I recently got a hold of a Nano 33 IoT. I was just looking over it and I noticed that one of the antenna "feet" has dislodged from its seat (see attached photo).

Should this be something I am worried about? It seems to still be able to connect to WIFI from a hotspot I created from across a large room/from a corridor on the other side of a door. Would it be worth email Arduino themselves?



Who did you buy it from ?

I purchased it from Arduino's store.

Hello Matt,

Thank you for sharing your issue with the Arduino community.

Please contact Arduino Technical Support to evaluate the case.

Thank you so much!

Apologies for necro posting on this thread. But it was the thing that was driving me insane. I have been battling with inability for my nano 33 iot to connect to my home wifi (google wifi).

Upon seeing this post, I had a closer look at the antenna on my nano, it is also not seated well. As soon as I pressed it down a bit, instant WIFI connection. So much joy!

Thanks for this post