Nano 33 IoT as Bluetooth Keyboard

Hi all!

I recently purchased a Nano 33 IoT and was wondering if the on-board bluetooth supports HID. I have been working on making a bluetooth controller and thought it would be a perfect tool to use. My original plan was to use a Raspberry Pi Zero W but I wanted to learn how to use an arduino (I have never owned/used one prior). Hopefully someone who knows more can help! Thanks in advance!

I'm here for the same problem!

I do not think there is any reason the Arduino Nano 33 IoT could not be used to create a HID device. But I have not seen a ready and easy example of HID-Over-GATT.

There are a couple of services and characteristics you need to setup. Most of them are easy enough to understand. But the HID part uses USB terminology and which I do not really like.

If you like we could try to get this to work together.