NANO 33 iot, new to Arduino world

i'm quite new to arduino, i'm building an appliance that need in parallel Bluetooth, wifi/ethernet and rtc (with tampon battery).

As start i buy a nano 33 iot, it seems i can't have both wifi and bl on at same time, it's correct?

Have someone faced this kind of project and can maybe suggest a proper hardware?

The purpose is to control based on a time schedule (monday from 8 to 12, 14 to 18, wednesday from ....) a pin, user need to connect with bluetooth to manage settings but the appliance need also to connect to a remote server to receive update on setting from remote


Do you really need both BLE and WiFi at the same time, or could you switch back and forth? There is some good information on that, as well as a possible solution for using both at the same time here:

As for BLE and Ethernet at the same time, you can surely do that, since Ethernet functionality will be supplied by a separate chip from the NINA-W102 module.