[NANO 33 IOT on Windows 10 Home] Your Arduino Plugin seems to be Off or Paused

I can use the card with standard Arduino IDE ( I did upload sketch successfully) but when I try to connect it to the cloud, I get the plugin issue mentioned in object.

I did try to install plugin but I got same problem. This is first time I try to connect it, just received the card :slight_smile:

Thank you

You need to be able to see it in the toolbar and it should be teal/green.
If it is not you might have to re- install.
Take note of any pop ups for permissions which should be granted (YES).

Depending on your windows installation then on occasion you may need to install as Administrator.
Antivirus or similar security software can also stop the plugin from working in which case it needs to be added to the white list / exclusions of such software.