nano 33 sense BLE not detected on W10

I've just received my new nano 33 sense BLE board.
I've installed the library "Arduino nRF528x Boards" with the IDE.
I've reboot my computer but my nano is not detected in the Manager , no serial port found.
The led power is on the board.


Make sure the USB cable is fully plugged into the jack on the Arduino board and your computer.

Some Arduino boards come with their pins stuck into black anti-static foam. This foam is conductive so you need to remove it before using the Arduino board.

Try using a different USB cable. Your cable might be damaged/defective, or charge-only.

The cable is a data one and works with my phone.
The board is well powered.
The orange led blink at 1Hz with a PWM which increase and decrease.

I've switch off everything and change the board.
now it works !!!
I will look at it later.

I have the same problem on W8, but it see's the BLE com port, but can't find a driver for it. I have installed the "Arduino nRF528x Boards" with the IDE, 3 times, all 3 versions of it. I've searched the web for it too, but no driver. Were do I find the driver?
I've searched my computer, too.
I think the problem is with w8.1 because it installed fine on my w10 machine.
Will try to upgrade to win 10.

The drivers are installed when you install the board definitions (cores) with board manager.

Install core 01.png

Win 10 on some installs hides the COM & LPT ports which have then to be re- displayed using "Show Hidden Devices"


I found the COM port reappeared once I double clicked the reset button on the Nano 33 sense BLE

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