Nano 5v. pin: incorrect output?

I have a Nano which is being powered from 7.4 v. (LiPo x 2), connected to the Vin pin. When my LiPo's are delivering 8.3 v. I get 7.1 v. on the 5v. pin. If I power this Nano from the USB connector, I get 4.7 v. at the 5v. pin, a little low, but acceptable.

Why does the 5 v. pin output 7.1 volts when Vin is at 8.3 v. ? Is it a defective nano? Surely 8.3 v. should provide enough headroom to run the voltage regulator.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

John Doner

Sounds like a bad regulator.

Funny you should mention this. It seems that someone else has reported the same problem.

Does this suggest a bad batch of chips/ boards recently?

Same question applies - is this a real Arduino, or a clone?

The one I have says "Arduino nano V3.", but I admit I bought it from a Chinese vendor, so probably fake.

Does anything feel warm on the board?
With 7V on the 5V pin I'd expect the 328P and FTDI chip to be dead.