Nano Analog out to Mega Analog in question

the signal from my 433 mHz receiver (using RH Ask) to MEGA pin D2 works fine, and shows the proper voltages on the serial monitor that i have sent from the transmitter, but when i plug in my 3.5" LCD Mega display shield, the signal becomes garbage. I have tried other Digital pins, no luck. It seems that this shield may be using D2 also.
The goal is to read a sensor at the transmitter and display it.

Anyway, if the shield is going to prevent me from using D2 for the ASK signal, I figure i'll just use a nano to get the signal and then transfer it as an analog signal to the Mega (where my large sketch will use it). The analog In pins work even with the shield in place.

Two questions : will the Nano work with the receiver in ASK mode ?

can i use analogWrite from the Nano to the Mega to transfer the voltage value ?

The signal from an analogWrite is a digital PWM one, not an analogue voltage, so you'll need to be able to read the PWM duty cycle

with the receiver connected to D2, i get a good value for serial.print 'data'. as i understand what is happening, a signal came in to D2 as pulses and was converted into a value called 'data' in the RadioHead library.

now i have a value on the Nano called 'data' that i would like to send over to the MEGA. if i map the 'data' value (which ranges from 0 to 455) to 0-255, i can use that to set a PWM value, and send it out on pin D3 via analogWrite. This is all just me trying to make sense out of what is going on.

AWOL, what i think you said was, in order to use this PWM being sent from D3 to the MEGA, the MEGA must know what the value of the PWM is (the duty cycle). sounds like it needs to know the answer before it receives it.

It seems to be getting convoluted. Can this be made to work ? or is there a better way ?

I don't know if I would call this solved, but I found a way to make it work without having to try this complicated procedure.

Just thought I would mention it so no one spends a lot of time trying to solve that problem.