Nano and USB problem

I have been using UNO for some time and have never had problems getting it to work. I have just bought a NANO - but this will now work - even with the latest official release,
When I attached a UNO, select the board, I can chose between COM1 and COM4 - assigning COM4 and it will all work.
Now connecting NANO instead and change to NANO and the 328 , now I only can select COM1 and always get “avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00”. when I try to upload

I have tried and install CDM20824_setup.exe - have seen that this has worked for others, but not for me :astonished:

Please help


Did you remember to change the board type (/Tools/Board) ?

What USB to serial port have you got on the Nano and have you installed the drivers for it?

What USB to serial port have you got on the Nano and have you installed the drivers for it?

Yes, it sounds like the USB interface is not working/initialised.
The COM1 you select is most likely on your motherboard and not the one on your arduino board.

Plug it in and look in the Windows device manager if it even shows up, and if so, as what.

Yes it seams that is's a USB connection problem - and COM1 is not usable.

When I connect my UNO it get "Arduino Uno (COM5)" in my Win7 Device Manager - I can find COM5 in Arduino 1.0.6 SW and all works as expected.

I then disconnect my UNO, and connect my NANO - Now I get "USB Serial Port (COM6)" - but COM6 is not in the Arduino SW after I have changed the board to a NANO type - no COM ports at all .....
I also have an amber mark in the Device Manager - so's something is wrong.

strange ....


OK... So Com1 is on board, and we have identified that you do not have the correct driver.

We could leave it at that with a non working Nano or you could go back and read my earlier post and try answering it.

Does it by chance have a FTDI (FT232x) chip on it?

Sorry, but I can only see a few details on the USB controller - no text or almost impossible to read?
It's this NANO Board:

But I could be the CH3400 chip



If found the Win7, 64 bit driver Nano driver for Win7-64bit


Thanks for your help


That's the one, the CH340 and it's driver.