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can i use 2 Bluetooth HC-05 in one arduino nano ? if yes .. how can i sent data from arduino to another via Bluetooth meanly ... the 1st bluetooth received " no. 1 " then the arduino read it and said to another bluetooth " in same arduno " sent it to the another arduino

Sure you can. Look up Software Serial for how to use two sets of serial RX/TX pins.

i know how configure hc-05 .. can u give me the code ?

If you know how, you don't need code from me. I will not be writing this for you, no.

ik how configure hc-05 meanly inter AT command and make connection with another bluetooth .. but what u talking about really idk how do it

Yahia_Elsaeed: can I use 2 Bluetooth HC-05 in one Arduino nano ?

As explained, you presumably can.

Since there is clearly no reason to do so, the next question is - why?

Either use software serial for the second module, or determine that it won’t meet your needs (software serial has some limitations, see documentation) and use a microcontroller board with two or more serial ports (an Arduino mega, or mega 1284p).

thx all ... now can i detect my question how sent no1 from arduino to another via bluetooth ?