Nano - Battery plus sensor connections

Hi all,

Just a quick question about connecting a battery to my Nano when I already have a sensor (MS5611 barometric) connected.

My MS5611 sensor is connected to the GND and 5V (27) but instead of running off the USB I want to run it off batteries. either lipo or AA’s

If the sensor is already connected to the 5V, can I also connect my battery positive to this pin as well?

Or possibly use the 3V3 pin (17)?


What is the voltage of your battery?

Why not use a 2S 7.4V lipo and connect it to Vin? That's what Vin is for.

The 5V pin is for 5V only and lipos and AA batteries don't come in 5V versions.


So the VIN pin is regulated?

Yes, it's got a regulator attached.

Alternative: get a 3.3V Pro Mini, and you can power it with a single LiPo connected to the Vcc pin. Unregulated, but as long as you don't power it at more than 5.5V or less than about 2.5V (the minimum for the processor to run at 8 MHz) it'll work great.

By the way, the working voltage of your sensor is 1.8-3.6V so I take it your breakout board has a 3.3V regulator and level shifters built onto it?

Eh.. breakout board regulator?

Isn't this built in to the ms5611 board?

Or are you saying I'm likely to fry my sensor anytime soon ?