Nano BLE (Sense) SD Card No Longer Working

Hello All,

I have had previous success with the Nano BLE (Sense) and SD cards but recently (in the last few days) they have just stopped working.

I am confident it isn't a wiring issue because if I put a Nano IoT in the same position with the same code on the breadboard I am using it works fine.

Obviously, my first suspicion is one of the latest updates to a library or perhaps to the BLE OS, I have rolled back the SDFat library but that hasn't helped.

Am I alone in having this problem?

Thanks Matt

Small update, the BLEs do work with an SD Module such as the RobotDyn (which is what I was using before) ones but not with modules that are just the SD reader (such as this one which I am using now) and no additional components such as pullup resistors, logic shifters, or decoupling capacitors.

Is this the reason why it isn't working and should I add a decoupling capacitor? if so why does it work with the IoT, what is it doing differently?

Dear @matt_lee_smith , I am wondering if you have registered any success yet again with the Nano 33 BLE sense working the SD card.
Also, on your previously when you got it working, where you using the Arduino SD card library ?

Thank you

Hello @kawesanasser

I just tested it again with just the Nano Sense and the SD card and now it works…

Who knows why!